"A person is not given integrity, it results from the relentless pursuit of honesty at all times."


 ~Fariba Ronnasi Founder, Lattice Capital

Our Firm


The name Lattice is traced to the field of mathematics where the model was originally used in computational physics. In this context, a lattice is means of uniquely valuing and therefore ordering a multi-dimensional space, such as the market. For Lattice Capital Management, cohesive investment valuation is the foundation for which our firm is based.

We at Lattice create intelligently designed investment products for institutional and individual investors. The firm is proudly established in a culture of excellence, where contemplative thought and decisive action are encouraged.

We are ever alert to the trust our clients place in our firm. At Lattice, we adhere to a disciplined, yet collaborative approach to investment management. As clients put their trust in our company, we devote ourselves to our clients. Trust is the pillar of our company.